Frequently Asked Questions


1. What markets does SydRep operate in?

SydRep Consulting is based in Sydney, Australia, and operates in both the South East Asian and Asia-Pacific regions.


We are happy to do business with any organisation in any market segment within ASEAN as well as Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands


2. How are your fees structured?

Our fees and charges are based on the size of the job. Please contact us for a quotation


3. What currencies are accepted for payments?

Payments are normally accepted in Australian Dollars (AUD), however payments made using PayPal are accepted in any of the following currencies...


  • Australian Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euro
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Pound Sterling
  • US Dollars


Other currencies may be accepted on request.


4. Which web technologies are used?

We use CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP to drive the sites that we design and renovate. These are the most common and easiest technologies to implement in any new or existing site.


5. How long does it take to build or renovate a website?

The total amount of time required to renovate a website is approximately 4 weeks, however as every site is different, more or less time may be required depending on the complexity of the job.


6. Is there a policy for use of images?

At SydRep Consulting, we believe in a policy of “Fair Use” for all images.


Usually we request that any images that are supplied to us are either the work of the website owner or have been sourced from the public domain.


Any images which have copyright associated with them are not normally used unless permission has been granted by the original artist or photographer. When permission has been granted, the owner"s copyright details are added adjacent to where the image is displayed


7. Why is good web design so important?

Some people may ask "why is it so important to have an a well designed website?". Here are just some answers to that question...


  1. A well designed web site can make small businesses look big.
  2. Strengthen your existing businesses image and credibility.
  3. Take advantage of improved customer relations.
  4. Low cost advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  5. Your business is available even when you are not.
  6. Showcase for your products and services, with a potential audience of millions.
  7. Gain an advantage over your competitors.
  8. Save time and money.
  9. Reach specialised markets through targeted advertising
  10. Integrated mixed media advertising - audio, video, pictures and text


8. Does SydRep design sites that only work in one browser

Definately not! This helps to ensure that your site will work everywhere, not only from a design aspect, but also forms, scripts and any embedded media.


Although we do encourage using Firefox on any platform, the sites we build are designed to work with all on the major browsers on Linux, Mac and PC computers.




If your question is not listed above, please contact us